Braintree Pushes Boundaries, Unlocks Potential Earns Award

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Leading IT solutions provider, Braintree , renowned as one of the largest and most strategic partners in Africa, has been bestowed with LS Retail Diamond Partner Status for the fifth consecutive year. This prestigious recognition signifies a remarkable level of expertise, commitment, and success in implementing and supporting LS Retail solutions.

Exceptional solutions

LS Retail , a global leader in software solutions for the retail and hospitality industries, has honored only 34 partners worldwide with LS Retail Diamond Partner Status, with just two being awarded to partners in the Southern Hemisphere. This accolade stands as a testament to the dedication and capabilities of these partners in delivering exceptional solutions and services to retail and hospitality businesses.

The award ceremony took place at the Connexion LS Retail Conference and Expo recently held in Reykjavik, Iceland, where Avril Howes, Strategic Head SMC Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Braintrees Managing Director, Heath Huxtable, received the award.

Continued investment in its technology

Managing Director for Braintree, Heath Huxtable, says, This award has even more significance given the evolving consumer and retail landscape, the difficult trading circumstances faced by all retailers and the cost that world-class software, and services add to the pressure on the margins of our customers. Our continued investment in our people and our technology offerings means that we have been able to remain an agile solutions partner, offering a range of solutions that keep our customers effective and competitive. We value the support and trusted partnerships that we have developed and will continue to build these lasting relationships as we continue to push boundaries and unlock potential with our retail technology offerings.

LS Retail, an Aptos Company, stands as a world-leading provider of end-to-end software, collaborating with 110,000 retail and hospitality businesses and 302 partners across 156 countries. This award underscores Braintrees momentum within the partner network, a reflection of its exceptional performance in sales, service, and support for customers utilizing the LS Retail solution. Kudos to Howes and teams We will be expanding our collaboration with LS Retail by working closely with their consulting teams to strengthen and broaden our capabilities while addressing any limitations within the rapidly evolving and dynamic retail landscape. This achievement wouldnt be possible without the Business Central and LS Retail project teams headed up by Avril Howes that continue to deliver cutting edge technology and services to new and existing customers. concludes Huxtable