Advancing Financial Management And Operational Excellence

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One of the primary objectives of a companys Chief Financial Officer is to ensure that audits throughout the business are both precise and transparent, aiming for a unified, reliable depiction of financial data while prioritizing adherence to regulations, cites Donald Van der Merwe, Programme Executive at Old Mutual Africa .

Old Mutual Africa, a diversified financial services enterprise spanning 12 countries, embarked on an ambitious project to overhaul its Finance and Operations (F O) across these regions. This project was designed to streamline operations, implement cost-saving measures, and ensure the accuracy and integrity of financial reporting.

At the heart of this endeavor lay a collaboration with Braintree , which was entrusted with deploying a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Enterprise Resource Planning solution. This implementation served as a pivotal element within the overarching transformation strategy.

The Role of Braintree in the Transformation Journey

Donald Van der Merwe, Programme Executive at Old Mutual Africa, who led the broader financial transformation programme, says that this journey was not just about technological implementation, but a strategic endeavour to consolidate over a hundred product systems across life assurance, asset management, unit trusts, property, insurance, and banking into a single platform.