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Sofware startup AirSmat to join NVIDIA Inception Program

sofware startup airsmat to join nvidia inception p

Share AirSmat is a software development company developing cutting edge software solutions that solve real-life problems using drone and satellite technology. The Nigeria startup recently joined Nvidia Inception a program nurturing startups in artificial intelligence.

AirSmat relies on drones and data satellites to power development across vital East African economic sectors. Airsmat leverages its ability to capture and ingest data onto its platform while processing it in an intelligent way while absorbing a large amount of data drawing precise conclusions that help businesses gain insights into creative and beneficial future strategies.

AirSmat is focussed on harnessing data intelligence in agriculture thus helping secure food security across the continent. Investing in technology helps farmers and farm owners increase their profitability securing food security for Nigerians and others in the continent.

Nvidia's inception will increase their profitability fostering food security for Nigerians and others across the continent. AirSmat will network with venture capitalists, fellow startups, and industry leaders at inception events with access to leading technology guidance on GPU-accelerated platforms, tools, and hardware.

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