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SA insurtech startup launches innovative insurance products

sa insurtech startup launches innovative insurance

and Greg Smith with new innovations that improve their standards and living.

Both co-founders have experience in actuarial science even winning awards for their innovative products. After several years working in the insurance sector creating innovative and award-winning financial products, they founded OneSpark to offer insurance in a manner that includes transparent, inclusive and prioritizes people over profit.

The startup aspires to offer insurance targeted at the lowest income earners and the vulnerable in a model that is less exploitive. Rather than forking out large profits at the expense of the consumer, their approach will incorporate innovative products in a sector that hardly.

In an official press release, Greg the co-founder shared on Ventureburn , how the company is reimagining funeral cover with their Millionaire funeral plan. Where one receives R500,000 on a claim and R1 million cash in the event of no claim. The plan costs partly 99 cents a day. Clients can also get to protect their key living assets such as a Dream Car plan where they receive R500 000 cash from R1.50 a day cover. There is an R250,000 education plan in the event of no claim and R25,000 on making a claim.


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