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New programme launches for women-led Nigerian startups

new programme launches for women led nigerian star

The Women in Business Growth Lab is accepting applications for their three-month programme for early-stage women-led startups in Nigeria.

The programme is hosted by Connect Lab and aims to accelerate business profit and sustainable enterprises to increase job creation in Africa.

The programme is structured to eliminate inequalities faced by women in business through entrepreneurship development, access to financing, networking, and learning.

Connect Lab
Connect Lab is an innovation lab that focuses on African startups. The Lab aims to develop the next generation to drive social enterprises, develop Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and accelerate the entrepreneurship ecosystem through entrepreneurship development, policy advocacy, and startup investment.

The creation of the Women in Business Growth Lab is targeted at the African tech ecosystem through impact investment. The Connect Lab is supporting 40 female entrepreneurs by covering four key components of the programme which include, The Co-creation and Value Proposition Bootcamp, Incubation Programme, Women in Business Deal Day, and the Growth Mentorship Exchange.

Benefits of the programme
Connect Lab will be awarding one innovative startup with a $1 500 equity-free grant. In addition, the programme offers access to a network of partners and community and support in business and administrative work. This also includes access to industry experts through mentorship, access to investor funding, and office space.

Applicants should be passionate about accelerating their startups
Must be between the ages of 18 to 35 years old
Applicants must be the founder, co-founder, or Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the startup
Applicants must have an early-stage or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) startup
Applicants must be physically available to attend the program in Abuja
Applicants must be female.
Women entrepreneurs who occupy the position of the founder, co-founder, or CTO of a Nigerian early-stage startup can apply online for the Women in Business Growth Lab to contribute to social sustainability and inclusion in the African tech ecosystem.

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