Arnolds Says Da Unlikely To Receive Two-thirds Support To Dissolve Jhb Council

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arnolds says da unlikely to receive twothirds support to dissolve jhb council

JOHANNESBURG - Newly-elected Johannesburg Speaker Margaret Arnolds said it was unlikely that the Democratic Alliance (DA) would receive the required two-thirds of council support to dissolve the citys political administration.

Arnolds was speaking to reporters following her unopposed appointment to the position of Speaker on Monday.

The first meeting she will be presiding over is set for next week Wednesday when the DA plans on filing a motion to dissolve the Johannesburg Council.

Arnolds said public representatives should strive to use the council fruitfully as a place to share ideas on how to improve service delivery.

Councillors, it is indeed possible for the Speaker to achieve such working together with all 270 councillors, political party leaders and whips. It is incumbent on all of us to ensure that the decorum of council is maintained proactively.